Portfolio: Boring but Comprehensive Version

My writing work includes course material for college classes, online articles, novels, short stories, and plays. At present I am looking to expand my repertoire and pursue writing as a full time career. Below is a sampling of some of my written and creative work.


Sound & Light (Physics): How are They Different? article at Sciencing.com (One of several articles explaining physics concepts to high school and college level audiences)

How to Snag Your Beachside Dream Home in Carlsbad, California article at HomeLight.com (Real estate article for potential home buyers.)

Summary Description of Disconnected: A Frankenstein Musical (A description of the choices made in this adaptation of Mary Shelley’s original work.)

“Edit My Paragraph!” column at Litreactor.com (Explores the art of editing by providing detailed feedback and edits on reader submitted paragraphs.)

“The Hatchet” article on Microfiction Monday Magazine (Describes the techniques used to create microfiction.)

“Indelicate Editor” column on Blue Skirt Productions (Provides advice for editing fiction.)

“Ten Second Writing Tips” column on Blue Skirt Productions (Provides short tips for enhancing your writing.)


The Optimist (A short story I wrote and formatted as a booklet, including designing the cover and writing all accompanying copy. )


The Theorist and the Creature (The script of one of many ten minute plays I have written and directed. It was performed at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon as part of a ten minute playfest in 2017.)


Below are a few book covers I designed and wrote copy for


A collection of logos I’ve designed


Unit 2: Motion (An excerpt from a 27 unit general physics lab-based workbook I wrote for a year-long college physics sequence)


Spec ad for US World Class Taekwondo


“Gayle Towell is not only a fantastically talented and prolific writer, but she also possesses one of the keenest editorial eyes of anyone I’ve worked with. Over the past few years, she’s become my go-to first reader for any type of creative work because she gives such detailed constructive feedback, not only concerning narrative structure, but addressing things like voice, characterization and the more nuanced aspects of writing. We write in completely different styles, but she looks past all that to the heart of the story. Her feedback on my novel Fait Ave was invaluable and played a large part in me securing an agent, who subsequently sold the novel to a large independent publisher. I want to tell everyone to use her services, even if that means I have to wait in line.” Nik Korpon, author of Fait Ave (Exhibit A Books, 2015), Four Corners (Dzanc Books, 2015).

Gayle Towell is an extremely talented author, able to tell stories that are hypnotic, layered, and full of emotion. She takes this dedication for clean prose and mechanics and applies it to her work, over and over again, until the writing is polished, and shining like a rare stone. Any new, emerging, or established author would certainly benefit from her dedication and tutelage.”—Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration and Editor-in-Chief at Dark House Press

“I have known Gayle Towell for several years. She has the ability to write confident and uncomplicated prose that is both powerful and profound enough to place her work among the best I have read; I cannot praise her work highly enough. Likewise, her professional career has also equipped her with an outstanding eye for constructive criticism. I know that my own work as a writer has been enriched by her critiques, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.” -Simon West-Bulford, author of The Beasts of Upton Puddle and The Soul Consortium


A list of websites I have created and maintain:

MicrofictionMondayMagazine.com An online magazine that publishes microfiction on the first Monday of each month.

Gtowell.com My personal website


A .pdf of selections from this portfolio is available by clicking here.