Gayle Towell is a woman of many skills, hailing from North Plains, Oregon. She has masters degrees in both mathematics and physics, over a decade of experience in higher education, and is also an award winning writer. As founder of Microfiction Monday Magazine, the internet’s leading publisher of microfiction, she selects and edits submissions and maintains the website. Previously, she co-founded Blue Skirt Productions, an indie press and author resource, where she was responsible for editing, acquisition, book layout, and cover design, among other tasks. But that’s not all! She has also spent time playing drums in band, even appearing in a few music videos, has written and directed short plays, lead after school STEM activities, and even dabbles in the occasional research project. Married with 3 kids, 3 cats, a lizard, and a snake, she enjoys overextending herself and never sleeping.

Find Gayle on the internet at these fine locations:


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